How To Create Powerful Logos – What To Know

How To Create Powerful Logos – What To Know

The peculiar thing about logos is that people may not remember your brand name, but they will remember what your logo looks like. Your logo is the face of your brand. It should visually summarize the main objective of your company or what products and services it offers. The logo should attract customers’ attention and be something that your organization is proud to bear.

When we think of great logo designs, the simplest ones are the easiest to remember–a swoosh checkmark, a red-headed girl with pigtails, or a piece of fruit with a chunk missing from its side. When you describe them literally, they sound insignificant. However, when you see these logos stamped on products, it suddenly transforms and elevates the products to a different status.

Powerful logo design elicits an emotional reaction from the viewers. It should be simple and easy to comprehend, yet unique enough to set you apart from the competition. If you want to know how to create great logos, here are some tips that may help:

1. Make it memorable

It will take some time for your brand to reach a wider audience. For you to establish your presence in the market, you need a unique logo design. Your logo should be memorable and easily recognizable. People will compare if your logo looks like your competitors’, or even a business in an entirely different industry. Don’t settle for mediocre design. Make sure you find a logo that you can own. 

2. Don’t take it literally

When you are trying to come up with a logo, you need to think outside the box. Fruits don’t have anything to do with computers or gadgets, yet Apple is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Your brand and logo may have nothing to do with your business line, but the logo can be a metaphor, a symbol, or even a mascot of what your brand represents.

3. Use unique typography

The font you use will be as much a part of your logo as the visual. In some cases, the unique typography is the logo. You can work with a digital marketing agency to produce your own unique typeface, or choose from a combination of existing fonts to create your logo.

4. It should scale to fit

Your logo will appear on your products, your documents, and your marketing materials. You need one that will translate well no matter what the situation calls for. Scalability goes hand in hand with simplicity. Simpler designs are easier to blow up. If you have too many details, it can be difficult to replicate them for different applications.

5. It should work regardless of colour

When you want to know if you have good logo design, you can run a colourless vision test on it. Ask your designer to photocopy the logo in black and white, or render it without any colour on a screen. The mark of an impressive design is if the logo and its elements are still evident even without its colours. Think of the likes of IBM, Microsoft, or Google. Even if you see their names printed on paper, documents, or contracts, the logo retains its integrity and familiarity.

FAQ on Logo Design

While you can keep these tips in mind when you are producing your logo, there are some frequent concerns when it comes to working with your designer:

Q: Can I use still colours on my logos? 

A: Yes, you can, and you definitely should. The reason for the colour-less test is to ensure that your logo appears clearly and is easy to read and recognize, even if it is scanned or photocopied. 

Q: What if I don’t like the proposed logo designs?

A: Depending on your designer’s arrangement, you can ask for revisions if you don’t feel that any of the options reflect your brand accurately enough. You aren’t beholden to your design, either. Until you launch the logo into the public arena, you can engage a different creative agency’s service until you find a logo that you are satisfied with.

Q: What if I want to change my logo?

A: Generally, it isn’t recommended to change your logo, but it isn’t unheard of. Famous brands like Pepsi, KFC, and Dunkin Donuts updated their iconic images over time. However, these logos were improvements on the original design. As much as possible, don’t launch your business until you are happy with your logo.

In conclusion

Unless you have a background in logo design, you should consult a professional artist or designer to help you right before you launch your business. Your brand name and logo will be inevitably intertwined and interchanged for your company’s entire lifespan, so get it right on the first try and choose a design you will be happy to see every day.

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